Thursday, October 28

Ahh.... The jOYs Of Sem Break

wohoo! finally i'm on a break. Well i've needed one a long time ago pa but the good oh lord just granted it now. This is so businawreck since i have all the time to bum around and do things as i please. Here are the things i gotta do while im on a break.

1. Shoot the breeze and go to Anilao with my gs..( i gotta cross my fingers for this.)

2. Go to The Spa and let myself be pampered. When was the last time i got one? see i couldn't even bring it to my memoz since i've been really biz!

3. Visit my LOLO..missin you.

4. Grab loads and loads of bootlegs and watch one each night. Oh yeah i gotta watch the notebook again for me to be in the clouds again haha i'm eyeing on Raising helen too,Could anyone lend me a bootleg of Raising Helen?...smiles

5. Go to the gym and get my cute butt workin.

6. Go to an art museum to feast my eyes on such magnificent works..(i'm gonna do that tomorrow)

7. And finally clean up my room!!! (i'm serious bout this..smiles)

Enjoy your break people! i gotta split now....=)

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