Saturday, October 23

cOoL bEaNs.....

I had a bang! I've seen tom, mi god how he grew he's now a 6 footer (from 5'6 to 6'? whoa!) and still jiggy as usual.We went to duty free to buy some stuffs and then he treated us. (how often do i get something for free? ha-ha)

He gave me my pasalubong chocs from NY, he gave me a variety of VARSANOS that's the brand of the chocolate) but my faves are the mint chocolate truffles, and the caramel hearts; ahh ang sarap talaga sobra. (i'm eating varsanos while typing yum yum) The chocs here in the phils are no match with varsanos..for real. Oh no i got carried away again can't blame me i'm a chocolate lover he-he...

conscience: hey your no carb diet....remember

me: oh yeah..shit

ABS ABS ABS! tom also showed his 6-pack absss macho man haha! Since bubbles has abs and we don't we were like.. 'damn, lets kick them!'

Oh well this day's great, well hello i do deserve a great day after all those out-of-bound exams i had. Somehow, the thought of tom being here again made me ace those ass-load tests.
I'm so elated that i'm reunited with an old mofo again, i'm so happy tom thanks for being here again...=)

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