Saturday, October 30


the kids here in our village had a parade. they were wearing really sccccaaarry costumes hahaha joshing aside, they were wearing cute costumes: superman, dracula, batman, fairy, white lady and duh witches of course. Afterwards, they went knocking on the houses for candies..(they sng 'jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...ayt ayt corny i know haha) We weren't able to give them candies since we're not informed that the trick or treat's today we thought it's tomorrow. The kids probably cursed us...poor kids. I miss knocking on people's houses, i miss the ugly look of those people who didn't want to give us candies, i miss being a kid. sniff sniff oh well on the brighter side, i got a halloween partee to attend to yahoo! gotta go!

look closer...ish dat sadako? Posted by Hello

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