Sunday, October 24

KiNg ArThUr--> B

ahh just got done watching the ever famous myth, King Arthur. The role of King Arthur was played by Clive Owen who looked like our local Richard Gomez (well Clive Owen's much much charismatic..take it from me i've got good taste hahaha)

The movie as a whole worked for me but it wasn't great. I guess the movie worked because of the considerable production qualities and the charisma of the actors who brought more interest to the characters than they deserve. The not so good thing about this movie was that it didn't follow the true Arthurian Legend but all the dialogue, action scenes, and wardrobe were okay. The movie wasn't bad it only needs a slight improvement. So there goes my movie review for King Arthur, i'm out for now....=)

King Arthur played by Clive Owen..(he's actually cute esp. in the movie itself..) Posted by Hello

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