Saturday, October 23


Carms just told me that tom's back from NY. Wohooo!I missed that guy so much, all the laugh memoz we had 3 years ago. (Imagine i didn't see him for 3years?!! that's so friggin crazee) I am so amped for tomorrow since we're gonna do some shoppin and catchin up together with bubbles and carms. I got lots of kwentos to tell tom, lots of things really. Oh yeah i gotta have my pasalubong oohhhh chocs chocs grrr i'm on a no carb diet nga pala..well a bite of those chocs wouldn't hurt, i can contain myself. (talaga lang ah!) Sigh i wonder how his life in new york had been. Well he's got to save those kwentos for tomorrow. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day,that's for shizzle..=) ooohh i'm starving, i'm gonna get my grub on some food.

here's tom tom playing cards with his new york mates... Posted by Hello

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