Friday, November 12


It was kill’s birthday last Tuesday and I almost forgot it, good thing he reminded me the day before his special day. Here goes our text convo…

Kill: Hey boo what’s up?

Me: Just reading a book. How’s it goin?

Kill: I’m just drinkin with my friend. =)

Me: Ok keep safe.

Kill: you too. I’m gonna be 29 tomorrow.

Me: yeah I know…

And that was I pretending that I knew his birthday all along when in fact I did forget his day, it didn’t really cross my mind, well, not until we had that convo. I’m sure no one wants to be my friend anymore after reading this. (Hoping my assumption wouldn’t be true. Haha) I don’t really suck in remembering birthdays; in fact I’m good at it (stop saying yeah right, I can hear you) I do remember birthdays when I want to remember it. Otherwise, I’ll just trash your day. That’s not being mean that’s just being me, being myself. And regarding Kill’s day, I do know his birthday; it just slipped my mind. I’m sure everyone is guilty of that crime, of forgetting birthdays. Am I right or am I right? =)

Much love,

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