Sunday, November 21

gEt aWay fRom mE pAsta!

i went to therese's condo last friday together with two of my friends namely kat and bacon we're supposed to hit some booze and have fun but then i got to be home early so i didn't have the luxury to do that. Anyway, therese prepared a yummy carbonara and i was really shocked when bacon said that she doesn't eat any kinds of pasta. i never thought that there is a single soul who doesn't dig pasta. i mean hello?! we're talking about pasta here. i'm certain that even dieteers (like me ahem) couldn't resist to chow even just a bit of it when offered. another thing's that bacon is a food lover, give her any food and she'll right away accept it without being pa-shy but in this case she acted really weird, she surprised us. haha i won't forget the look on her face when we're forcing her to eat some hahaha uber nakakatawa! bacon's really funny and is always full of surprises. love ya bacon! =)

Much love,

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