Sunday, November 7


I'm certain that everyone has his/her favorite mall. Well i knew i gotta share this,
because of these reasons:

1. Atc is just minutes away from my home, very near and very accesible i could go there anytime i feel like going.

2. Atc is the right place for me since i hate crowded places and crowded means to have a hard time moving, and to have a hard time breathing.

3. Atc has the perfect ambiance. The atmosphere is nice espcially when you're in the mood for chilling or just relaxing with your crew in san francisco coffee or in the newest coffee bean.

4. You get to have a perfect time reading a book, walk in a cobbled path or simply stare at the carpet of stars in the open area.

5. Atc is the right place when you want to catch new flicks. Their cinemas are clean and take it from me,they got a good sound system.

6. Wanna have a cool nightlife? go to atc, they might have a limited bars but then the people in atc are one of a kind find. Wanna know what bars are those? why don't you check it out yourself

7. Cibo, Outback, California Pizza Kitchen,Dad's, Italiannis, Via mare.....need i say more?,

8. This is the place where you will really shop till you drop!

9. Who wouldn't love the quaint spanish architecture,with villa-like facades, cobbled walks,fountains,lush greenery surroundings and the peacefulness of Atc?

10. What i really like in this mall is that the freedom, tranquility, and happiness you feel when you sit and just talk with your buds in Corte de las Palmas without worrying if you're already being loud. You got your own business when you're in Atc and people won't feed on you like hungry gossip mongers.

*Ayala should pay me for this advertisement i've done..=)

Much love,

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