Saturday, November 27

tHe tHinGs I wAnT UnDeR My ChRisTmAs TrEe


i've been looking for this album for like a year already and it seemed like it's nowhere to be found or i guess i could only buy this somewhere in united states. every song in this album is classic, from the message of love to the anthem of revolution but more than that, the album is a political and cultural nexus, drawing inspiration from the Third World and then giving voice to it the world over. this album was even named as the album of the century by Time magazine, so please people i'm begging you to give me this, i will really love you forever if you gve me this.


i'm a bit technosexual; i like everything to be just a finger-reach like music. ipod makes music really handy so why not bless me with one? =)


my fave line of make-up, bobbi brown. i'm recently eyeing on this deep lip and eye palette. it's a tray of four lip shades slides out to reveal three eye shadow shades below. isn't it nice? i like it because the colors are natural and because the color suits my asian skin. i was supposed to buy this last week but then woudldn't it be nice if someone just gve it to you?


and finally, the new fragrance of Christian Dior, Pure Poison. sounds really seductive huh? ehe just the smell of this makes me feel beautiful. I don't want to buy this because i'm waitin for you to give this to me. =)

Now you know my christmas wishlist, please be my angel and give these to me..please? ehe =)

Much love,

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