Friday, November 12

ToO MuCh KinDneSS iS dEaDly

Too bad for my crewmate, Aphro Her maid left because of countless reasons. One of which is the Amo-Katulong relationship. Aphro had been so kind to her maid. She treated her maid as a chum. If I were a katulong I would definitely be grateful for my amo’s so nice. But the anticipated thing happened. Aphro’s maid went beyond the limit. She abused the friendship Aphro gave to her. She even had the Guts, the insides, to yell at my crewmate. Good thing then that my bud came to her right senses and drove her maid out of her place. Aphro doesn’t really have to hire a new maid since she can still very well handle all the workload. Besides, why hire a new dumbass maid when I’m here right? I’m just a buzz away; I’m available 24/7 to help my crew mate. A thousand claps for me haha =)

Much love,

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