Friday, December 3


"It’s not human culture to believe in anarchy.”Those were the words that came out of the mouth of this guy I was trying to have a decent convo with. This guy’s recently taking up political science in Ateneo. Our conversation started out pretty all right but then I started to disagree with him when he said that in order to have good governance bad beliefs should be eradicated.One cannot categorize a belief as good or bad, right or wrong because beliefs are like opinions and opinions are elusive, beliefs are not meant to be defined; it defies a moral or immoral definition. our convo went on and he got hit totally when I said that i believe in total anarchy. He paused for a while then said, “it’s not human culture to believe in anarchy.”

What is culture anyways? I define culture as the customary norms that govern a society. Now, what about those people who try to break away with their culture? What about those people who defy norms? Simple, society persecutes them.Society persecutes the non-believers. This guy persecuted me for not being one with my culture. He even said that I am swayed by an ideology. Ok here’s the deal. I am not a realistic idealist; I am very aware that such notion is not yet possible because humans should first have a shift of consciousness and a shift of paradigm before total anarchy could be achieved. Now, the question is when can it be achieved? No one can really tell since it’s still an idea. Everything starts from an idea and then will constantly evolve. Evolution is endless. There is no end to possible results.

It’s depressing to think that some people find it hard to respect one’s beliefs but what’s more shitty to think is that when people see their beliefs as the universal or ultimate truth. Cut the bullshit, there’s no ultimate truth. What people consider truth is simply the opinion that has survived.

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