Tuesday, February 22

i'm going to Donsol on thursday night to swim with the oh-so-lovely whales there and ima stay there for 4 days wohooo! Actually, this is the only time i got to make a post before i leave for donsol since schoolwork is eating up all my time. (i'm in my computer class and ms. chan is not looking so i'm blogging he he bad, bad ,bad)but when you come to think of it, it's not all bad since all the schoolworks and pressures will ebb away on thursday. No pressures, no math, no physics..... it's just me, the beach, and the whales, now that is life!

ima post our pictures when i get back, you'll see the negre side of me again. ha ha ha

And oh yeah since i won't be here for Roshni's Bday, it would be better if i greet her now, HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY ROSHNI! MWAH! hey don't forget to update when i get back aite?..smile roshni, smile.

Much love,

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