Thursday, February 3


i know i should've written this ages ago but it's only now that i really felt the need to shout it out.
i was dreaming, a literally HUGE wave hit manila, followed by the deafening screams of the manileños. i was running together with thousands of panic-striken unfamiliar faces, all of us searching for the safest place we could grasp and then suddenly everything went void.....i woke up

yes, i thought it was just a dream but it's not in Phuket,'s a devastating reality. a reality that is undeniable. a reality that will haunt us. a reality which concerns us all. many have lost their lives, many have lost their 'everything' many have been a victim, including you and i because once again precious lives of our brothers and sisters were taken. the least we can do now is to shout an ear-splitting HELP! for the survivors. the least we can do now is to hope for this catastrophe to not happen again.

photos courtesy of Andy Maluche

it won't do us any good to weep, instead, lets just lend a helping hand and give more importance to LIFE because one can never tell when he or she will die.

here are some places where you can make donations for the tsunami victims:

Much love,

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