Friday, February 11


Finally, a new template has been uploaded wohooo! this template suits me well since i'm a waterbaby and i've always been a beach seeker.( i dunno how to surf though, ima try to learn that in the future.) this so amazing template woudln't be possible without these magicians: SID, MY SISTER and, TOM. my blog would be oh-so-boring without the help of these guys.

SID- the master of graphic designs and html,the master of photoshop. just tell him what you have in mind and he'll make it appear before you. he makes the impossible, possible.

MY SISTER- who from the start has helped me with encoding stuff. it's really amazing to know that at such a young age of 15 she already knows almost everything about html and dhtml....whew! thank god you're my sister. =)

TOM-. lastly but definitely not the least, the muy guapito brother of carmensita who has the added creativity i needed to be able to come up with this amazing template. what would i do without you gotche? lemme know when you're gonna be here again so i could treat you. 8P

Gracias to these guys who did a magnificent artwork, thank you thank you thank you! please send them your congratulations for they might be of help to you someday. =)

Much love,

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