Sunday, March 20


months ago i was sitting in front of my boob tube watching Mark Nelson and Dyan Castillejo tour the beautiful province of donsol, sorsogon. i watched them swim with the butandings or better known as whale sharks; i was really envious at the sight that i wanted to squeeze myself inside my boob tube hoping that i could touch those cute cute butandings. I looked at the beautiful province of donsol, not knowing that i would one day, go there........

meet andoy,one of the many butandings in donsol. I was really priveleged to see his cute dotted body. ehe

you wanna go to donsol? better see this map.

ah, the perfect cone of Albay. It was more perfect now than the last time i visited it, weird.

the famous cagsawa ruins...

why go to maldives when the white sand and blue waters of Prieto Diaz is just hours away?

uh oh i'm getting way too emotional.

and so that's about it, my trip to donsol. i hate goodbyes but i gotta do it. Goodbye donsol...ima go back to you real soon.

Much love,

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