Sunday, March 27

oh yeah

The oppressive dry weather of march once again awakened the "STOP AND CHILLAX" mood in me. Truly, March spells
S-U-M-M-E-R and summer spells F-U-N so i don't see any legal force with ones argument that she got nowhere to go when heller, the whole world is waiting for her to carry her ass and breakaway from the tiresome length of boredom to just hop-in and party til sun-down.

UGH Boredom. I hate this word. Here are the things that i'll do to kill it and liven up fun.

- Support my crewmate,Winston( the gwapo and the great bassist of his band, The Faces.) on his gigs.
-Attend Bamboo's gigs in Peligro and 19east.
-Watch lots and lots of bootlegs at Boody's Place in Tahanan.

-Anilao baby with my crew.
-Bora with my supercute good friend,Trissy.
-Spanish lessons at Instituto Cervantes with the gorgeous ever Johanna.
-CircuitAsia 2005 at NBC Tent with my crew.

-Subic with Winston and Boody.

So there you go, these will be my summer adventures for 2005. I'm starting to feel that it's gonna be a good one.

Much love,

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