Saturday, April 9

summer survey

I don't usually answer surveys but ima fill this one.

Where do you go during the summer?

- i usually go to Amanpulo but this summer ima
soak in Boracay and Batangas.

Top 3 items to pack?

-digicam,straw hat,bikinis

What do you wear during the day?

-white tank tops paired with yoga pants or mini

What do you wear during the evening?

-Soft flowing dresses

Summer Accessory?

- my oversized shades, and beaded necklace from

Summer Bag?

-A native brown bag which i bought at Satellite
Market in Donsol.

Summer Scent?

-Mango, cut for women. The smell reminds me of
the beach.

Summer Shoes?

-My green and white flat havaianas, and leather
flats from Mendrez.

What's in your cosmetic kit?

-My NARS concealer and lip gloss, MAC
sheertone blush in peaceful, Bobbi Brown bronzer
in medium, and Body shop clear mascara.

Summer Make up?

-just a light one since i don't wanna get all covered
up. For the day, it would be just My MAC
sheertone blush in peaceful; it has a light loose
powder effect so i really like it and just a dab of lip
balm from Body Shop. Now for the evening, it has
to be the MAC Studio Fix Powder C6, the effect is
so natural that you wouldn't even notice i'm
wearing one.

CD's to bring?

-Norah Jones for the downunder beat, Usher for
groovin and certainly, Bob Marley for chillaxin.

Books to pack?

-Einstein's dreams and The Doll's House by Neil

Fave summer memory?

-A spontaneous trip to La luz batangas with my
fabuloso crew.

Forbidden summer food?

-i'm a pesco vegetarian so meat is still forbidden
no matter what.

SPF level?

-Spf 45

Who you invite to a pool party?

and lots and lots of people i like.

Fave beach?
-AMANPULO. They got the best marine sanctuary
plus they got the whitest sands. Also, their staff is
so accomodating that you're gonna be brat.

Fave Swimsuit?
-U swimwear designed by Hindy Tantoco.

I love this survey. It makes me think of my crazy beach memoz.

Much love,

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