Thursday, May 26

2005 Metro Manila Fashion Festival

God, i'm terribly bushed! Just reached my place from the 2005 Metro M Fashion Festival held at the ever famous place, NBC Tent. Metro M Fashion Festival's a huge event wherein the best stylists, video producers, directors, designers, and production people gather to celebrate their craft. Like the usual, the Fashion Festival was strictly invitational but i got an easy hassle-free access because Super!Inquirer invited the fashionista/stylist side of me. Oh well, i guess i'm just a lucky bitch who paraded the carpeted place together with my vintage dressed crewmate, Aphrodite, and my model friend, bubbles.

Sigh. Life has been good to me.

Enough with my vainglorious self, This big event was conceptualized by advertising man and publicist GP Reyes and was directed by Robby Carmona. Top models like Nicolette Bell and Brent Javier showcased new epoch of clothes designed by young filipino designers from local shops like Bayo, Cinderella, Folded and Hung, Freeway, Novecento, Plains and Prints, Rustan's Cult Femme, and Rustan's men. The fact that these local shops launched newly designed clothes made me happy because at least something in our country is evolving to a higher form; our appreciation of our own culture, our very own uncopied fashion statement. A deafening hurray to all the young designers! Hurray to us!

Of course, the event wouldn't be successful without the creative director and production people so my congratulations to all of you.

The festival ended with stylist/host Jenni Epperson inviting us all to the after party at Embassy Super Club. So there. Sigh. Life has been good to me.

Rustan's Men

Rustan's Cult Femme

Brent Javier

Much love,

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