Monday, May 9

ang kape ko

Wee, i have to send a congratulation to my sister and to myself for doing a job well done layout!

You may not know but i'm a coffee beggar, a coffee junkie. Espresso, caramel cream, dark coffee, nescafe with coffee mate, brewed coffee, kapeng barako ni lola and so on. Feed me any of those and i'm sure to love you till the end of days.

Inversely, coffee serves as an instant downer to me. I know it seems out of this world but coffee puts me to sleep, caffeine makes me brave the waters to dreamland. This gives me my own reasoning, "i love coffee because i love sleeping, and dreaming." Science may defy my reasoning since coffee's supposed to be an energizer, booster, or an instant perk-me-up but science can't argue with me because it will just be an exercise of futility because no matter how caffeine induced i am, the effect will just be the opposite. Caffeine works differently to me. I appreciate the rich goodness of coffee because it cradles me to sleep.

So the next time you see me hitting on an espresso, it's just one way of saying i wanna rest and make love with the king of dreams. So there.

God bless the coffee makers!

sex videos kill

Sex videos are a cheap form of entertainment nowadays. They're so pop now that even pre-school kids know the latest kama-sutra of certain unlucky celebrities with much thanks to telephonic devices and to the vigilant supervision of folks.

No one needs a lead-in to sex videos, It has become a social paranoia. It has been widespread like a disease preying for the next victim. Sex videos are free, just activate your bluetooth and voila, instant pornography, or you could just switch on your boob tube and wait for the top networks to play it for you. (See, the demand for sex videos are so high that even the top 2 networks are playing it.)

But what do we get from filming and passing around such acts of copulation? What do we get from feasting on other people's private lives? Do we get satiesfied because we crippled their reputation? What good does it do to us? And where do we go from here? The answer? Zero percent goodness and we brave the waters to limbo.

Sex videos are the epitome of the horny devil in us. It gives a fleeting moment of happiness for the masses but a never-ending agony to the victims. Sex videos show nothing but human weakness to the call of impulse. I have nothing against impulse but if we could just consider the huge implication of what we're about to do then sex videos wouldn't be a burden to us in the first place. Sex videos poison young and promising innocent minds. It saps the solemnity of sex. Most of all, it disabilitates the core value of respect.

It isn't easy to propagate a working solution to this issue but if we could just exercise respect and contain ourselves from prying on people's lives and stop sex videos from spreading then i guess this issue will die sooner or later in its own way.

Much love,

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