Sunday, January 1


Wow, it's a new year once again. Didn't know i would survive this long. Ha ha funny.
It's just too bad 'cause i didn't witness the first sunrise of 2006, woke up at 10am dayem.

Hours before 2006, i was at home with my family. My cousin's home from Cali. we got ourselves a bit drunk but still sober enough to welcome 2006. Last night was amazing, we're all complete and everyone's ecstatic. Seeing that my family's complete and happy is more than enough for me. I'm innefably glad that everything has gone well; hopefully it will always be like that.

Now about me, I still love myself, everyone knows that. I am so happy to be me and not anybody else. I've been through a lot the past year. I've been in my happiest and saddest days, high point and low point, goodvibes and badvibes. I'm a survivor, i'm still me, the booninay you know.

My deepest gratitude to my family and friends for making 2005 a good year. Thank you.

Much love,

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