Sunday, January 8

Okay, this goes untitled.

Had a great time yesterday. I was with my friend, she was supposed to treat me for a foot spa at Piandre but i got some bad wounds caused by my ballet flats and pumps so she cancelled the appointment instead. She had a funny yet irritating conversation with the front desk lady of Piandre though. It goes something like this.

Stephanie: Hello this is stephanie, i'm just going to confirm my foot spa appointment?

Frontdesk lady: Yes mam, for 3'clock right?

Stephanie: Yes, oh wait, is it okay to have a foot spa if you have some wounds?

Frontdesk lady: Anong sugat?

Stephanie: it's a wound caused by some new shoes

Frontdesk lady: Anong itsura?

Stephanie: *Thinks*

Frontdesk lady: Mam? Anong itsura?

Stephanie: *Thinks* Basta wound!

Frontdesk lady: Pause. It might get infected mam

Stephanie: What?!.... Okay then i'll be there at 3'clock.

Labo. She need not ask how my wounds look. It's just a plain clobber for crying out loud! Why make such a big fuss about it? It's not like she hasn't had a clobber in her feet. But it's funny when she asked, 'anong itsura' ha ha kinda irritating and funny at the same time.

Going to Piandre, my friend changed my mind into pampering her feet so she made a U turn and we brave the streets going to makati to shop. I bought this nice velvet vest from mango which i would wear next time i go out.

While lining up to pay for my vest, i noticed these 2 girls behind me, one was wearing a white tank top with big bold GUESS printed on it, and the other, MNG ADDICT. I have nothing against them but i find them so self announcing, so tacky. Hullo, do you really have to announce the brand of what you're wearing? Their tops didn't even have any other artsy designs but those brands. Gawd, it says so much about them, i even felt their insecurities through those tops.

As for myself, i wouldn't be caught dead wearing those. It's number 2 of my fashion rules.

a. Color coordinate your outfit. Maintain a maximum of three colors then mix em and match em.
b. Don't wear or avoid wearing clothes that have too big of a brand written on it.
c. No buying of anything that is not authentic. Support the fashion industry.

Get it? those are my own dogmas and i follow them to the dot. Those poor girls, how i wish they know what they're doing.

We ended the day by having a silent dinner at Pepato in Greenbelt. Oh gawd, i recommend their Green ravioli crab meat, it was so fucking delicious, i'm actually craving for it right now as i type. Yum.

Glad to know that i didn't party last night ha ha but it breaks my heart to know that my friend Tascha is with Brad at a party. Should've gone there but i didn't, it's still all good though.

Starbucks Planner 2006 has gone out of stock, you can instead get it on January 16 at any Starbucks branch. (glad i got mine already ha ha)

Much love,

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