Friday, April 7

baking muffins, yada yada yada

I was super exhausted when i came home last night, errr, one in the morning. I was free all day so my friend invited me to go to her pad at BF pque to just hang out and bake. I was a bit not myself because i thought we were really gonna bake some cake or muffins when we're really not, ha ha go figure.

Eventually, we got bored so we headed to town to see a movie, but nothing captured our likings so we hung at the big starbucks in madrigal ave instead. I really love the big starbucks in madrigal ave, so peaceful, lotsa trees, familiar people, cool breeze, devoid of pollution; it's really one of the best places to think when you're in alabang. (A thought just crossed my mind. Maybe, alabang is like my own little laguna bubble. ha ha my own version of laguna beach) And so, our other friend came to join us since his place is just so near town, we talked, kidded around, and smoked some sticks for a while then decided to head to his place to watch Lion King 1 1/2, ha ha how funny's that?! I never thought there's a Lion King 1 1/2 ha ha but it was a joy watching it. We were waiting for some people to come but they didn't because they had these vtrs and castings to attend to. bummer.

We ordered pizza for dinner and pizza hut's delivery man was 2 hours late! We were supposed to have the pizza for free but pizza hut insisted that it's not their fault if their delivery man got the wrong instructions, duh, then whose fault is it? ours? stupid. Whatta lame excuse. So people the next time you order from pizza hut and the delivery man's late dun believe that you'll get your pizza for free, you can argue with them about it but they won't give it for free. So much for an honest advertisement. Tsk. We also had this 'kanoodle' for dinner, it's a german muffin (my friend's german) and it tasted like some mashed potato only a bit tasteless.

After dinner, we walked around the village seeming like some junkies. I smoked two cigs again for fast digestion and joked around. We even found out that Nick's dad is the exlover of Pops Fernandez ha ha. That was cool. We hung at Nick's place until 12 then headed to town for coffee. My dad got me on the line and screamed on me because i wasn't home yet, i dunno, i guess my dad's on booze or something because otherwise he wouldn't scream on me. So there, he ended my night. I got home around one, took a quick shower and then dozed off to la la land.

Whew, such a long post. I hope i didn't bore you.


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