Wednesday, June 21

Genocide in Congo

O mi god. You people have to watch Angelina Jolie's exclusive interview on CNN, Angelina Jolie's Mission and Motherhood. She was interviewed by the famous CNN journalist, Andy Cooper. They conversed about the tragic situation in Congo wherein everyday abuses take place. Initially, i had no interest in watching her interview since i thought it would be just another hollywood stunt but what really caught my attention's the glum faces of hundreds of malnourished children who don't have a home, food, and worse, a family. There're even thousands of women who were raped repeatedly 24/7. I even remember a woman saying that she was shot in between her legs after being gang raped by 18 congolese soldiers. Extremely horrible and disgusting. Who in his right mind would do such animalistic act?

I really admire the strength of the african root because despite the congolese war, the casualties, and the genocide in their country, they still have such unwavering spirits; singing songs to comfort each other, and eyes with a glint of hope. "We will not be broken, we will not be broken" Hearing these words, a tear fell. I couldn't fathom why i wasn't aware about this, and i hate it when some people are aware but they just sit back and do nothing. History repeats itself and i don't want hitler's holocaust to happen again. Not in my time. This is why i took a lil time out of my heavy workloads to blog about the congolese war, hoping that this situation happening right now in Congo would ignite some compassion, and warmth of heart in you.

"They can destroy my womanhood but not my spirit"- From an african woman who was a sex slave for 2 years

Angelina Jolie's the goodwill ambassador of this anti genocide huge campaign, she has lotsa ackers but that doesn't mean students like us cannot participate because of a lack of means. We actually could by spreading the news, by informing everyone about it, and by participating in any of their websites listed below.
Congo war with Angelina Jolie
UN Refugee Role

So there. Please visit those sites and be of help to this world. Aryt?


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