Saturday, July 22

Cinemalaya's last day today!!!!

Mood: Allergic Rhenitis; homebound
Music: I like the way- Kaskade feat. Collette; Deep inside- Sun Theory feat. Sheela; Inside naked (NYC lover's mix)- Terra Deva; Tapa the world- Dizzy

  • Saw Donsol yesterday at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo with boods. The film was starpacked: Mark Gil, Angel Aquino, Cherie Gil, and Sid Lucero. The actors did an A job but the film lacked a good editing. (Well, it's okay though considering it as an indie film wherein the budget had to be fairly considered.) Personally, i think Donsol has a chance of winning because of the story and its advocacy. (that is, if advocacy counts)Anyway, flashback's hitting me again when i went to donsol last year and got amazed with the butandings which are suddenly very popular now. It's a good thing though because those butandings bring many hot tourists in our country which favor our tourism department a whole lot. I'll watch cinemalaya's other films later. It's their last today people so hurry and watch!
    *Regular price: 100 Students price: 50. With 10% discount for President's Circle members!

    What you see is what you get, right below the water is one of the butandings. I forgot her name though hehe. But you can see right through her eyes. (viewer's right)

    Tourists loosening up

    What i wore in CCP: Calvin Klein shirt, Folded and Hung shorts, Nine West bag, White Havs, Bora anklet

  • I desperately wanna see these two movies: Requiem for a dream, and Amores Perros. I scouted some the hot selling bootlegs stalls already but they didn't have copies of these two. Oh boy, i might just have to settle with my bearshare and download it for 2days. Goodluck sakin!

  • OPERANOW 2: An Evening of Puccini on July 28 and 29, 8:00 pm at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theatre) I gotta see this. You gotta see this. I think the cheapest tix is 500 bucks and the priciest, 2500 grand.

  • UST vs. UE tomara! Go tigers! Tomara's gonna be hot. I bet.

  • Carms is coming home from New York in 3 weeks! Wooohhhoooo. I miss that bitch. I wonder what i'll get. Fendi bag? Talk about wishful thinking. Ahem.

  • Anyhow, i gotta sip some espresso first before hitting the road.


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