Friday, October 20

life is getting sweeter and sweeter each day-- this was supposed to be my post last week but blogspot was undergoing maintenance

mood: wanna go out
music: i wanna fuck you- Akon, feat. Snoop dog; smoke two joints, get up stand up- bob marley

It's my sem break! Wooot woooot! Wala lang, i'm just uber happy that i'm finally parteeing again with my friends. No books, no profs, no lychees, no fcuking tests, yey it's all pure fun already!

Natty tascha picked me up last night here in my pad to go to her place, then tagaytay. It was all supposed to be spontaneous tripping but then sancho wasn't around, nakakainis! We were supposed to hang out at his ifugao house there eh, but no he'd rather spend his night with that fcuking whore, whoever she is! Anyway, we ended up staying at natty tascha's place. Jeff came over, we bought beers and puffed some cigs while talking about our disheveled lovelives. Ay nako, i suddenly went emo, thinking about mr. hot boy and paolo. I miss them both kasi. Good thing, nicklas, and daks came over as well, we baked a little, and later on found ourselves calling each other funny nicknames, nicklas became necklace hahaha, mine became milai. hahaha god, i'm laughing while typing. Oh well, such a good time. (Sorry if you guys couldn't relate.) The boys went home at around 6am na, i took a short nap then went home na rin.

I wanna go out tonight but my folks are home already from cebu. I was so bored to death when kurt called me in my mobile phone. We talked for around 30mins. We kept on laughing and laughing at the smallest things. Kurt's so nice and sweet. He makes me laugh all the time. He's like the guy version of my friend niqniq. Awwww, i suddenly miss that slut. She's in baguio right now, enjoying the company of those brent boys. Ugh. I so envy her. I miss niqniq, she owes me a lot of kwento. Yey, ima be out again tomara, whereto? i dunno yet. I missed this. Good thing, i'm back here in south again. Home sweet home.

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