Sunday, October 1

tatlong araw namahinga sa kanlungan ng kadiliman

mood: thank god for the flourescent lamp
music: come and talk to me-kerri noble

Thursday night to saturday night were the dooming nights of my life. Imagine carrying each foot so as not to trip over something, imagine sleeping while mosquitoes feast on your half naked bod (hahahaha) imagine waking up in the middle of the night 'cause of excessive heat, imagine these three scenarios happening to you over and over again for three consecutive nights!!!! Believe me you wouldn't desire anything else in this world but kill and slaughter whoever is responsible for the delay of what's supposed to be just-a-day black out!

Those 3days of my life were spent doing unproductive but self-fulfilling things like bonding with hot when i was supposed to be flipping several pages of my filipino book and studying. Since there was no power for almost four days, i spent most of my day pigging and cigging out in our courtyard. Oo tama ka. I gained weight, and i blame the fucking storm for it! hahahahaha Kidding aside, i just don't like it when my work piles up because of extreme delay. I don't like it when i'm not doing any work because i tend to overeat and think too much about the current troublesome situations i got myself into. I'd rather be busy with school stuffs and work than think about nonsensical things.

Oh yeah, a realization dawned on me. I used to say to my closest buds before that i can live without my mobile phone but i guess i'm taking back those words now. I cannot leave without my phone! The three day black out proved that i just cannot miss all those important sweet text messages and business calls so i bought a car charger kit just to power up my precious smartphone. As a result my dad was bonking up on me 'cause i was always in the car, charging my phone while music tripping. Hahahaha i can never forget the look on my dad's face, how angry and funny he was. He wanted me to do my homeworks. hullo? My notebook's dead and there's no electricity, how was i supposed to type all those boring reports. Ewan ko ba. I find my dad really funny at times when he's supposed to be scary and mean. Basta yun. Wait, i'm lost. Where am i leading you? Urk. Urk. My trail of thought had vanished 'cause of uber sleepiness. See you around guys. Go tigers, devour that annoying eagle! I miss everyone. Goodnight.

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