Monday, January 8

i'm still alive

Yep, you read that right. I am still alive though i am seriously considering moving my blog to livejournal for a more private one. I am tired of this old one. I am not even a coffee mendicant anymore. But my archive or the two years of using blogspot is hindering from doing so. I dunno i guess i have to think this over again.

I saw Rj last week while i was on my way to school. We kind of ignored each other and felt really awkward when we found ourselves walking the same path again after nine years. He had grown a lot, from being a "cute siga" at our block to a promising PBA player i'll be sure to be proud of someday. Seeing him made me recount our young blissful days when non stop teasing and playing hide and seek with his friends and my cousin mattered the most. Those days wherein everything seemed sweet and not foolish.

But those days are long gone. We run our own lives now. I am just glad that i got to see an old bud making life on his own.

I'm not in the present mood to write anything actually. I just felt the need to update this blog for the sake of my friends and then perhaps move to livejournal wherein very few people can have access to my words.

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