Tuesday, January 9

Philo quiz tomorrow does not seem to bother me at all. Hay. Perhaps i will just read myself to sleep later. I cannot seem to leave this blog behind. After 2 years? No way! I might just change my lay out or do something interesting about this blog.

I finished watching Goong already. Although the subtitles sucked, the korean culture got my attention. I used to dislike koreans because they seemed to be all around here, claiming superiority above filipinos. But Goong kind of changed my mind since it gave me an idea about the politics, religion, and the everydayness of being a korean. Korea intrigues me now, hoping beyond all hope that i can visit it someday.

Oh, btw. My next destination is Bohol, i can hardly wait to visit those world class pristine beaches there. Yey. Do not worry South Korea, you are written in my destination list already and will see your beauty one day.

Gotta bounce and study.

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