Wednesday, May 2

is this how it feels to miss the world?

mood: my heart says follow through
music: Hello world- Belle Perez; Berlimbau- Astrud Gilberto

I've been working my ass so hard lately that it's killin' my social life already! I miss school and keggers at my place or at ackernat's.

I am really getting the hang of working full time- earning a salary that really matches my lifestyle- and meeting people from my flights of fancy. I love that these people keep an open mind about certain generalities that are so unacceptable to others; these people whom i always see and share my most embarassing laughs everyday. Hay. I guess boon's working life would be bland without them.

Anyhoooo, i am flying to bohol with tris the week after next- at last lots and lots of sunroom in Panglao, yea!- If anyone wants anything from cebu, i am just an sms away. I actually just took a lil time off my work just to update you guys. After posting this, it's work again.

I miss everyone. Just wanted you guys to know that i am still alive and that ima be seeing you guys really soon. I promise. Kisses.

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