Saturday, July 14

como estas?

mood: i miss natty tasha and paolo; nasaan na kaya si sancho? gisele is hot and tom brady is a lucky bastard!
music: smoke two joints- bob marley; kiss me- cassie

surprise, surprise i'm back!!! but not really for long. tsktsk i know right. it's okay though. anyway, why do i feel like i was so out of earth that i missed everything: friends, shopping, paolo, writing, hot and steamy nightlife, alabang what else?! good thing i got three consecutive rest days to catch up with my bunnies--i miss my natty natty tash; i wonder what she's doin as of this moment in Berlin.

ima have breakfast tomara at gbelt with tippy and then i'm gonna have my nails done and then go to school for my journ ethics and info tech class. i'm thinking of giving up work already because it's killing my entire life! not that i don't have a life there. i do of course, but i miss just being a student. my folks are even telling me i'm a retard for working at such an early age and forcing me to resign as well-- not that we hit a financial crisis or whatever, i just wanna be in the feel of earning my own money and buying my pradas and kate spades through my own hard work. y'get what i mean?

The only thing that keeps me from resigning would be my friends at work and him. Hay. such an existential crux i got myself into.


Oh i'm such a Gisele Bundchen fan.

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