Tuesday, December 4

to my crazy ones

mood:Fuck politics, just drink
music: Apologize- Timbaland Feat. One Republic; Love show- Skye;

Aside from World Peace, i couldn't think of a single want this Christmas. I feel so unbelievably appreciated that i think it would be too much to ask for more. I feel very much loved by people who make me want to move forward and just forget.
Friends who can cope with my bipolar tendencies, not to mention my appetite. Friends who i bitch around and who bitch me around in return.
Friends who wish ill things about
You that some even want to crush each and every bone you have but won't because they know i wouldn't be too happy about it.
Friends who helped me rediscover the feeling of excitement which was long absent in my life. Friends, who no matter what time of the night, would open their doors for me.
Friends who would booze with me even though they know they have piles of articles waiting to be read at home.
Friends who are willing to explore the vast and dangerous grounds with me without having second thoughts.Friends who make me feel warm by saying that having a conversation with me is always a good thing.
Friends who are not a slave of their
inhibitions that they always know how to have fun.
Friends, who scowl but understand when there are times, that i don't want to be reached on a saturday night.

Friends who are there to remind me that i'm thinking too much. Friends who dream with me.
Friends who enjoy being with me for countless number of hours without uttering a single word. Friends who speak their minds if something is definitely wrong.
Friends who share the same passion for knowledge and life.
Friends who stick with me despite their hatred for cigarette smoke.

Friends who can tolerate my pompousness. Friends who know why i have some serious memory breach and still understand. Friends who listen to the absurdity and rarity of my beliefs. Friends who act in disbelief when i say that i don't consider anyone ugly but then realize that may be i am right.
Friends who are so real that people living in a box hate, but nonetheless i love. Friends who let me be.

Happy Christmas guys. You guys are one of the reasons why i believe Christmas should be celebrated no matter the kind of spiritual beliefs.

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