Tuesday, November 11

It captivated me once, it captivated me again.

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If you let your dazzlingly upbeat daydream carry you somewhere, you will certainly hope that it is in the island of Panglao. Located in Central Visayas, Panglao is home to people who are seeking a momentary calmness, away from the busy urban honeycomb.

Though it is distracting to know that the number of foreign nationals visiting Panglao far outweighs the number of Filipino guests, Panglao's perfect if you want to get to know yourself further and do some serious thinking. Even if i did not get the chance to have a date with myself, i enjoyed the trip since i was surrounded with lovely people who demonstrated the irony of being crazy and sane at the same time. Because of them and because of the cute foreign guy who kept on following us, the trip was really worthwhile.

We were all really sleepy when we reached Cebu. All we wanted to do was reach Lost Horizon and rest. Unfortunately, Panglao is still two hours away from Cebu and we still had to ride a fast craft before manong driver could pick us up in the Tagbilaran port. It was really a loooong trip but it's cool, jess and i just talked about love, life and atlantis while braving the waters to Tagbilaran.

Sleepy Badette

Lost Horizon

The resort,where we stayed, was perfect. Everyone seemed to be so accommodating and friendly. If you are planning a trip to Panglao, Lost Horizon is a good choice. Rooms are clean and their rates are affordable. Expect to have international neighbors in this resort and see less and less Filipinos.

I don't know but it was really satisfying to succumb to Panglao's beauty again. Compared to Boracay, which is also one of my favorite places to relax, i'll choose Panglao if i want to just think and think and think until i rediscover myself.


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