Tuesday, December 23

I'll Buy My Escape From This World

Mood: Contemplating on certain things, trying to get things right
Music: In my memory-DJ Tiesto

I have been doing a lot of escapes just recently. Instead of spending my last UST paskuhan, i decided to spend it in Tagaytay, Tirona with good and funny people.

We drank and laughed the night away. I missed Tagaytay. I remember my childhood days when we would go to our Tagaytay vacation house during weekends. I would play with my cousins and then meet one of my childhood sweethearts. But that was then, a lot of things had changed already. The only thing i can do is just look back to those sweet Tagaytay memories and move on.

It is hard for me to feel the Christmas spirit because of several deaths i have been hearing. Tell me, how exactly will you spend your Christmas if your son had been taken away from you? How exactly will you celebrate the holidays if days before Christmas you saw your daughters burn to death? How? These tragedies shouldn't affect me that much but it does. It really does.

I will be spending my Christmas in Boracay with my family and i kind of feel guilty because i know that we would be happy while others weep. Experiencing death right before Christmas is just something i do not want to feel. I feel for those families who will be having the saddest Christmas ever and i extend my condolences to them.

Now, for the rest of the world who might be looking forward to a great holiday season, endeavor to seize every moment because you would never know when Death would steal your Christmas away from you.

Instead of having a Christmas wish list, i feel that this post should be dedicated to those families and individuals who need the warmest kind of love this cold season.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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