Tuesday, February 3


Mood: Panicky. In a hurry to meet someone.
Music: AC hum

Working on an article. I like to listen to FSwitch podcast when working. John's sexy voice stops me from being lazy and sleepy.

Books i have yet to read. One of which was given by my best friend Tris.

In case you didn't notice, i started my first post for the year 2009 with the word Busy 'cause that will probably be my defining moment in a while.

If there's any thing i want for this year, it would have to be career fulfillment and probably some lovin' on the side. If there is anyone out there who will enter my life naturally, then be it. I am not closing my doors to anyone but i am definitely taking a rest fighting for love. I have been fighting for love for so long and i think i deserve a rest more than he does. Entering into a relationship is probably the least of my priorities right now but i won't disregard it.

Been doing some serious thinking the past months and i think i am finally sure of what i want. Hopefully, nothing or no one will hinder me from achieving it. You see, i cannot afford to entertain the slightest bit of distraction right now but if someone will come, i hope he'll be worthy of my time. It's just so hard to find people worthy of my time nowadays. I've given up from being seen in the strobe party circuitry and I can just be seen hanging with people who i have real emotional connections with. I guess i grew tired of dressing up so glamorously slutty and meeting up fake people that i have now shifted my focus on more important matters like maintaining my social relationships and handling my finances well. So far i have been successful with the latter by trying hard to ignore retail therapy and by considering other alternatives like major thrift shopping. I have yet to improve on maintaining my social relationships though. I haven't seen some of my bitches in a while and i know that i will have to arrange something this month.

Time, nowadays, doesn't seem to be on my side guys, but i swear, i will make time for everyone.

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