Thursday, February 5

Rebel Muse

Mood: Just right
Music: Shadows of the city rough mix- Marcus Foster

I managed to have some free time yesterday to meet Tippy whom i hadn't seen for months! She looked really good. We hung out for a while and talked things over some chilled martinis. I'm glad her problems and worries are over now. She deserves to be happy even though she's really hard headed.

I mean it Tippy. You know how hard headed and bitchy you can be. LOL.

She told me she's planning to enter culinary school at her dad's request. I supported her, of course, trying not to expect anything from her. I just reminded her that we are nearing mid-twenties and that we should know by now what we really want to do with our lives. I think i got through her somehow.

I've known Tippy for 13 years and Tippy, if anything, is a sister to me. She knows all the dirty stuffs about me and i know all her secrets likewise. Though we can get into each other's nerves sometimes, she knows i love her. Right Tips? I'm sure you know that you will always be my favorite rebel muse. :)

I miss wearing my killer shoes and fuck-me heels. I'll have to wear at least one of 'em this month.

IMG SOURCE: Knight Cat

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