Wednesday, June 24

Life Lately

Mood: Excited and inspired
Music: AC hum

My blog has been collecting space dust again. Can someone please remind me that i have a blog to update? Even my Moleskine needs to be updated. Damn.

Life lately has been good to me. I hope it stays that way for a long time, if not forever. Threw a cocktail party for my 22nd birthday and i'm really happy my closest college buddies came. I missed them. I miss college, i miss everything about it. It's good to hear that most of my college pals have work already while others are trying their luck in law school. Going to a law school sounds sophisticated and scholarly to me but it's just not for me. Right now, i am finding myself in a different direction, in a road less traveled. I hope just like everyone else, i am walking the right path, because there's no turning back, not now that i have traveled long enough.

Courage and wisdom. I gotta have more of those. If my mum was so successful doing it, why can't i?

I'm setting up my SOHO. I'm hoping it will look just like how i envisioned it to be.

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