Tuesday, January 12

Andreas Seibert Tells the Epic Story of China's Modernization

It was during one of those sit-and-reads that i came across Andreas Seibert's Photography of the human sacrifices behind China's economic boom.

What used to be passive, reclusive and ravaged by war and social upheaval, China is now said to be the world's third biggest economy with its sudden increase in car sales and mobile-phone users from 2008 to 2009. But just as you are being engulfed with China's dazzling economic boom, Seibert's documentation of the lives of some of the 130 million Chinese migrant workers, who are mostly coal miners and assembly line workers, will make you rethink things and wonder if these workers are given the same attention as their country's impressive economic achievements.

Apparently, their lives seem to be always interrupted and they are often forced to toil in difficult working conditions.

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