Wednesday, September 7

POP IT culture

Sundown, and it's time to partEEE (Notice how i spelled party). Teenagers to the thirty-something crowd pushed off their flats to pump, thump, and get some in popular clubs like Embassy, Government, Absinth, wherever their ultra fired up bodies take them.

No club scene is entirely drug free. No club scene, it seems, has ever been. MDMA(Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, whew!), Ecstasy (E), Scorpion Venom, Valium, Hercules, Cola, name it, and the seasoned clubber has it no matter where hip club he is. Seasoned clubbers are the nightlife luminaries; they habituate clubs like it's their 2nd home. Notice how a seasoned clubber easily spot those who are naturally thriving on positive vibrations and those who are X-tremely high.

In some bars, E is the drug of choice. This old school drug has varied and unpredictable effects on people. It can turn a clubber into a horny devil, a dazed wallflower, a permanent vegetable or a dance machine. Risky to pop, it may seem, but clubbers still slobber for it.

Now, if E is out of your league, and you can't freeload it, then maybe, you could get a grub on MDMA. Here are MDMA'S perks, it could soften one's ego, neurotically based fear will ebb, and one will have the feeling of endless love and empathy. It lacks visual effects though, but one's lucidity is retained and present moment awareness is heightened. Liking it?

Clubs heat up not because of a failure of aircondition or a lack thereof, but because partying clubbers are either naturally high or X-tremely high, generating atomic levels of heat and energy causing one's toes crunched, stomped, and destroyed by the dance step of the hyperacrive clubbers. One should learn not to mind the stomping and crunching but just have a fun sweaty experience.

In truth, the club scene, in its present time with its sonic drum, and shrill wail has changed the concept of partying to parteeee-ing. It created an over the counter culture which the inexperienced might regard as daunting and subversive. After all, this is not the kind of crowd that likes to be in bed by nine o'clock to read chicken soup for the soul after a warm glass of milk. This is a crowd that knows exactly how they like to partEEEE and does just that.

Much love,