Saturday, September 23

Why do you always complicate things? Stop being so pathetic. I know who you are. Stop using your friend. Come on, be real. I can't wait forever. You know that.

Sunday, September 17

Mood: So fucking ecstatic
Music: And god saw the people dancing- Aquagen

I feel so happy and fulfilled. It's evident actually, most people i know says i'm perky nowadays. I never thought it's that noticeable. But i guess sigh, some things have its own price to pay. I think some parts of my sweetest memoz were erased. I find it hard to remember some of the most important details in my life. I feel like Dunstan Thorn of Stardust, who lost parts of his memory when a faerie kissed him. Not that someone kissed me recently, but it would be hot to put it that way. Hahaha. Basta, i'm really really really to the nth level happy right now and i won't allow anyone to steal this rare moment of happiness away from me. Not anyone. Not even you.