Saturday, January 27

Domestication of the savage humans

mood: infuriated
music: Redemption song, Positive vibrations - Bob Marley; Photograph, Only trust your heart- Astrud Gilberto

STOP EATING DOGS! I cannot make myself look into that disgusting frontpage picture of dog meat chunks placed in several huge washbasins. It makes me puke and feel ashamed to be part of this race.

I recently found out through my mom that the local police raided the wet market of Quiapo for trying to sell dog meats. And being the owner of 5 dogs, i felt really disgusted and infuriated. Is it not enough that we have pork, beef, chicken etc. to satisfy the monsters inside us? Or is it that we have yet to kill another specie and screw our mind to think that it is normal?

I have been busy lately with and posted a discussion there about killing and then eating dogs. Luckily, several people from different parts of the globe were human enough to respond, one said that, "What's the difference in eating pigs and rabbit anyway, it's all the same. it just depends on people's customs."

Is it not the fallacy of Tu qoque to say, that we can eat dogs because we eat beef, pork, chicken etc.? If we all think this way, then i will not be surprised that in the next 30years, we will all be eating each other. Customs are not always contingent of humanity's wisdom and knowledge, and can always be restructured in order to hear the lack of a voice of several dogs. -Or animals in a broader scale.

Several times i have tried to see beyond the usual kingly attitude of Koreans, even tried to convince myself to make friends with some of them to know the beauty of their culture, but felt a rapid blood surge when i learned that Korea legalized the killing of dogs a long time ago and considered dogs to be a delicacy, not a companion. I respect their culture but it is one thing to eat dogs in korea and another to eat dogs here.

I hope i am just assuming, but why do i feel that, since Koreans are fast growing here in our country, they themselves are behind the readily available slabs of dog meat in Quiapo? I do not think that filipinos will want to see and eat dogs in their everydayness, even though they eat dogs during special occassions in the provinces. I hope i am right by saying this, but filipinos still have compassion for this animal who is never hesitant and always excited to hug us whenever we get home, this animal who never gets tired of loving us even though we leash them like some fierce creature. If you think about it, they should be the one leashing us for the crass display of the beast inside us. But even if they were to trade positions with us, i will put my life on a wager that they will not reduce us into something as worthless as a human toy, only to be played and be eaten later. Because to them, we have been their companions- from the domestication of their wolves ancestor until now- and companions do not eat each other.

I really want the lack of a voice of these dogs to be heard, in memory of Spike, my labrador who had died in the same cruel way.

These tears in my eyes are nothing compared to what these dogs have suffered, to what Spike felt when she was hung like some worthless beast. They have suffered long enough, and we should be doing something more efficient to stop this.

Friday, January 12

look to your left

mood: lateral thinking is a gift not a genetic defect!
music: silence is the new muzic.

After a month or so of gathering web space dust, my sidebar finally made a huge, mindblowing change. So huge and mindblowing that i am forgetting how it looked before. A big loud wow for me.

Sarcasm aside, i felt a tingly sensation urging me to blog the rest of my night. It is not out of killing time because i could study for my prelims or go on a kegger at tippy's. But staying home, bed-ridden for hours with my laptop, suited me best. Anyway, after 2 years of blogging stuffs i am not sure to be sensical, i finally clicked open And was weirded out to see that i had frequent visitors from countries like North Carolina, Belgium, and Washington. What were they reading here? Beats the hell out of me. I did not know that a tiny portion of my screwed life could be of some interest to others. Ha ha ha. Speaking of interests, i watched Griffin and Phoenix after school with Nique thinking that it would interest me, just like any other love stories.

But the otherwise happened. I got bored with the drama, though i liked the new concept of both lovers being terminally ill. Do not be discouraged to watch it, for i honestly think it would have been a great movie if i were just in the mood to feel it. Seemed to be another "dead heartbeat" for me. Emotions were not flaring up that i got bored, while monique was so in the moment that she cried. Awwww. Talk about me being in the wrong mood. Great.

Great was my score in my first paper for journ. I got a high mark but i knew i could have done better. As usual, when laziness gets the better of me crap happens. Just like being lazy to reread my paper after printing it that i did not see obvious mistakes i could have corrected right away. Sayang. Mas mataas sana ko. It was cool though, i deserved that score and was sorta expecting it.

I am crossing my fingers for my 2nd paper though. I am afraid i won't pull it off. Procrastination sucks!

Too much school stuffs that my girls and i did not go to the screening for cali bar tours. Nique went to unitel for the final casting of who-knows-what that product is. I wonder if she bagged the commercial. Hopefully. I wanna attend the go see tomora for this beauty product with my girls but we all have to study first before doing any side job. We gotta set our priorities you know.

Oh yea, before i forget, cebu pacific has a promo, roundtrip fare to HK dropped to $98, that is around 4thou to 5thou. Tempting isn't it? Ha ha ha. Be careful there might be a catch for such price. Geez. Long post. Ima leave this post as it is. I am tired and sleep is calling me.

Tuesday, January 9

Philo quiz tomorrow does not seem to bother me at all. Hay. Perhaps i will just read myself to sleep later. I cannot seem to leave this blog behind. After 2 years? No way! I might just change my lay out or do something interesting about this blog.

I finished watching Goong already. Although the subtitles sucked, the korean culture got my attention. I used to dislike koreans because they seemed to be all around here, claiming superiority above filipinos. But Goong kind of changed my mind since it gave me an idea about the politics, religion, and the everydayness of being a korean. Korea intrigues me now, hoping beyond all hope that i can visit it someday.

Oh, btw. My next destination is Bohol, i can hardly wait to visit those world class pristine beaches there. Yey. Do not worry South Korea, you are written in my destination list already and will see your beauty one day.

Gotta bounce and study.

Monday, January 8

i'm still alive

Yep, you read that right. I am still alive though i am seriously considering moving my blog to livejournal for a more private one. I am tired of this old one. I am not even a coffee mendicant anymore. But my archive or the two years of using blogspot is hindering from doing so. I dunno i guess i have to think this over again.

I saw Rj last week while i was on my way to school. We kind of ignored each other and felt really awkward when we found ourselves walking the same path again after nine years. He had grown a lot, from being a "cute siga" at our block to a promising PBA player i'll be sure to be proud of someday. Seeing him made me recount our young blissful days when non stop teasing and playing hide and seek with his friends and my cousin mattered the most. Those days wherein everything seemed sweet and not foolish.

But those days are long gone. We run our own lives now. I am just glad that i got to see an old bud making life on his own.

I'm not in the present mood to write anything actually. I just felt the need to update this blog for the sake of my friends and then perhaps move to livejournal wherein very few people can have access to my words.