Saturday, October 30


the kids here in our village had a parade. they were wearing really sccccaaarry costumes hahaha joshing aside, they were wearing cute costumes: superman, dracula, batman, fairy, white lady and duh witches of course. Afterwards, they went knocking on the houses for candies..(they sng 'jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...ayt ayt corny i know haha) We weren't able to give them candies since we're not informed that the trick or treat's today we thought it's tomorrow. The kids probably cursed us...poor kids. I miss knocking on people's houses, i miss the ugly look of those people who didn't want to give us candies, i miss being a kid. sniff sniff oh well on the brighter side, i got a halloween partee to attend to yahoo! gotta go!

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Molta gente pensa che conoscano l'amore quando in effetti don't. I've ha sentito i tempi di questo gazillion di parola ma finora, la i can't sembra definirla e fathom.

Le bubbles sono andato a Singapore a causa di un problema riguardo al suo ragazzo. She's ora che passa con un aite duro della merda ed esso lo importuna che la i can't fa qualche cosa. I can't incolpa semplicemente del suo ragazzo, i can't. L'amore può realmente essere dolce ed occasionalmente può realmente essere amaro. In questo caso it's amaro. I can't incolpa del suo ragazzo perché l'amore ha relativi motivi per essere bitte.. tutto che potessi fare dovessi sperare che le bubbles a tempo fathom il motivo dietro questa esperienza. im che va mancare speranza di her..i hope to see again the sweet smile on her pretty face.

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Thursday, October 28

Ahh.... The jOYs Of Sem Break

wohoo! finally i'm on a break. Well i've needed one a long time ago pa but the good oh lord just granted it now. This is so businawreck since i have all the time to bum around and do things as i please. Here are the things i gotta do while im on a break.

1. Shoot the breeze and go to Anilao with my gs..( i gotta cross my fingers for this.)

2. Go to The Spa and let myself be pampered. When was the last time i got one? see i couldn't even bring it to my memoz since i've been really biz!

3. Visit my LOLO..missin you.

4. Grab loads and loads of bootlegs and watch one each night. Oh yeah i gotta watch the notebook again for me to be in the clouds again haha i'm eyeing on Raising helen too,Could anyone lend me a bootleg of Raising Helen?...smiles

5. Go to the gym and get my cute butt workin.

6. Go to an art museum to feast my eyes on such magnificent works..(i'm gonna do that tomorrow)

7. And finally clean up my room!!! (i'm serious bout this..smiles)

Enjoy your break people! i gotta split now....=)

Sunday, October 24

KiNg ArThUr--> B

ahh just got done watching the ever famous myth, King Arthur. The role of King Arthur was played by Clive Owen who looked like our local Richard Gomez (well Clive Owen's much much charismatic..take it from me i've got good taste hahaha)

The movie as a whole worked for me but it wasn't great. I guess the movie worked because of the considerable production qualities and the charisma of the actors who brought more interest to the characters than they deserve. The not so good thing about this movie was that it didn't follow the true Arthurian Legend but all the dialogue, action scenes, and wardrobe were okay. The movie wasn't bad it only needs a slight improvement. So there goes my movie review for King Arthur, i'm out for now....=)

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Saturday, October 23

cOoL bEaNs.....

I had a bang! I've seen tom, mi god how he grew he's now a 6 footer (from 5'6 to 6'? whoa!) and still jiggy as usual.We went to duty free to buy some stuffs and then he treated us. (how often do i get something for free? ha-ha)

He gave me my pasalubong chocs from NY, he gave me a variety of VARSANOS that's the brand of the chocolate) but my faves are the mint chocolate truffles, and the caramel hearts; ahh ang sarap talaga sobra. (i'm eating varsanos while typing yum yum) The chocs here in the phils are no match with varsanos..for real. Oh no i got carried away again can't blame me i'm a chocolate lover he-he...

conscience: hey your no carb diet....remember

me: oh yeah..shit

ABS ABS ABS! tom also showed his 6-pack absss macho man haha! Since bubbles has abs and we don't we were like.. 'damn, lets kick them!'

Oh well this day's great, well hello i do deserve a great day after all those out-of-bound exams i had. Somehow, the thought of tom being here again made me ace those ass-load tests.
I'm so elated that i'm reunited with an old mofo again, i'm so happy tom thanks for being here again...=)


Carms just told me that tom's back from NY. Wohooo!I missed that guy so much, all the laugh memoz we had 3 years ago. (Imagine i didn't see him for 3years?!! that's so friggin crazee) I am so amped for tomorrow since we're gonna do some shoppin and catchin up together with bubbles and carms. I got lots of kwentos to tell tom, lots of things really. Oh yeah i gotta have my pasalubong oohhhh chocs chocs grrr i'm on a no carb diet nga pala..well a bite of those chocs wouldn't hurt, i can contain myself. (talaga lang ah!) Sigh i wonder how his life in new york had been. Well he's got to save those kwentos for tomorrow. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day,that's for shizzle..=) ooohh i'm starving, i'm gonna get my grub on some food.

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