Sunday, May 27

BOHOL 2007

mood: got a love, got a diplidoo
music: Be My Lover- Pyroclastic; At The Beginning- Richard Marx; Beach Samba- Astrud Gilberto

Thank jah- jamaican word for God- for an entire day devoted for some lounging around and blogging blues.

Came all the way from the hassles of work- without sleep and feeling bushed- to NAIA for my 2:30 flight. You can just picture my excitement for Bohol, sleeping heavily with my aviators on while we waited for that delayed flying thing up in the sky.

I was at la la la land the entire flight that i missed out on the entire circus of the illusion of safety. Great. I really find it non-sensical when those flight Barbies and Kens demonstrate the use of oxygen masks and life jackets.-As if these things can save my life- I mean, come on, oxygen masks are so useful that it makes us high;- unnaturally high- we are to wear those masks when we're in oh-my-god panic mode because it calms us and leads us to accept our fate gradually while everything around us crashes down. See the wonder behind those masks? It makes our life real easier for us.

Regarding life jackets, yes it saves us from drowning but we'll still have those cuts and with cuts, blood comes/rushes out and with the aroma of our blood come sharks! Yea boy, seafood delight. Ima stop being a story "taler" now so you guys can decide for yourselves what is the real truth behind life jackets and oxygen masks and maybe even come up with a book.- Not that it is an issue of national/religous concern. Dan Brown? Hehehe.

Anyhow, let my phone VGA pictures do the talking for me. Guess if i had a great time in Bohol. 50 grand awaits those whose guesses are right. For real. ;p

Long lovely drive going to Panglao

Panglao and Tris

Candy clouds and chocolate hills

Tarsiers at Loboc. FYI: Tarsiers are suicidal because they get bored easily.

Can't help but smile because we are about to eat at a floating resto. Seafoods galore!

Site where Legazpi and Sikatuna met and made besos

Choco loco hills


Inumang sikatuna at legazpi style. Kidding aside, blood compact monument of Sikatuna and Legazpi

Lovely Cup Cs. hehe.

Floating resto: Seafood galore at Amazon river. Errr, Loboc river


First a suicidal tarsier and now a baby of a kangaroo and a bat who had desperate sex. Such lovely creatures though

See how small and fragile she is. Awwww.

Light breaks where no sun shines. One of my fave. shot

Ima go back to Bohol soon


Please visit my multiply for my digicam shots.

Envy me that you wanna go to Bohol as well? Please visit or for amazing tourist destinations in my country.

Wednesday, May 2

is this how it feels to miss the world?

mood: my heart says follow through
music: Hello world- Belle Perez; Berlimbau- Astrud Gilberto

I've been working my ass so hard lately that it's killin' my social life already! I miss school and keggers at my place or at ackernat's.

I am really getting the hang of working full time- earning a salary that really matches my lifestyle- and meeting people from my flights of fancy. I love that these people keep an open mind about certain generalities that are so unacceptable to others; these people whom i always see and share my most embarassing laughs everyday. Hay. I guess boon's working life would be bland without them.

Anyhoooo, i am flying to bohol with tris the week after next- at last lots and lots of sunroom in Panglao, yea!- If anyone wants anything from cebu, i am just an sms away. I actually just took a lil time off my work just to update you guys. After posting this, it's work again.

I miss everyone. Just wanted you guys to know that i am still alive and that ima be seeing you guys really soon. I promise. Kisses.