Monday, August 21


We are in need of new models, freelance models or models with agencies for these projects:

  • Reality TV Show
  • Asia Mall Fashion Show
  • Cosmetic Print Ads

Gurls: At least 5'4 with an oooozing sex appeal and a slim body
Guys: At least 5'9 with an oooozing sex appeal and a hot body

Look your best. Prepare your spiel (you know the
drill: state your name, age, height, educational
preparation, work experience maybe, hobbies, why
you wanna become a model, etc...). Say
something about yourself that will really catch the
attention of the advertising agencies :)

Interested people may text me at 09154621039 for additional details.

Sunday, August 6

when shit happens

Mood: Hyperactive shitty
Music: Bitch hotel; Don't cha- Pussycat dolls

I hate this feeling of being confined at home when i wanna go out and have fun. So fucking dismaying that i'm home studying for my journalism exam on monday. I miss the parteee people. I miss my Alabang. I miss the fun, i miss the good vibes, and the bad vibes? I miss the journey. I miss everything. I hate leaving Alabang for school but i have to. I just hope this semester would be over so i'll have all the fun i'm supposed to be having right now.