Tuesday, February 22

i'm going to Donsol on thursday night to swim with the oh-so-lovely whales there and ima stay there for 4 days wohooo! Actually, this is the only time i got to make a post before i leave for donsol since schoolwork is eating up all my time. (i'm in my computer class and ms. chan is not looking so i'm blogging he he bad, bad ,bad)but when you come to think of it, it's not all bad since all the schoolworks and pressures will ebb away on thursday. No pressures, no math, no physics..... it's just me, the beach, and the whales, now that is life!

ima post our pictures when i get back, you'll see the negre side of me again. ha ha ha

And oh yeah since i won't be here for Roshni's Bday, it would be better if i greet her now, HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY ROSHNI! MWAH! hey don't forget to update when i get back aite?..smile roshni, smile.

Much love,

Tuesday, February 15


if you're gonna cry do it alone and be quick about it, don't let people feast their eyes on you. you're only gonna cry once and then you smile again as if nothing happened.

vote vote vote

hey guys please do vote for Srdjan Mendoza in the MTV VJ HUNT. Srdjan's the ex-beau of my friend and i must say that he's really really nice and really really grounded. Why vote for him? well he speaks smooth english plus he got an accent since he spent his childhood in Australia. Next is that, he has a love for humor which is very much needed in the pseudo-showbiz world. He's not all looks but brains too..need i say more? so vote for him!

Much love,

Saturday, February 12

let the love begin

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to these cute couples: mum and dad, ellan and janno, trissy and mike, joyce and val, carms and tj, val and lauren, rica and bobby, tippy and ting, pierre and asia, judhha and nikki....whew yeah lots of them should be in lovapalooza2 which is happening right now as i type but they got their own sweet li'l lives that wherever they go it wouldn't matter just as long as they're with their beaus. carry on guys let the xoxo begin!

for those who are single, don't be sad, instead celebrate and love yourselves after all single spells FUUUUUNNNN!

Much love,

Friday, February 11


Finally, a new template has been uploaded wohooo! this template suits me well since i'm a waterbaby and i've always been a beach seeker.( i dunno how to surf though, ima try to learn that in the future.) this so amazing template woudln't be possible without these magicians: SID, MY SISTER and, TOM. my blog would be oh-so-boring without the help of these guys.

SID- the master of graphic designs and html,the master of photoshop. just tell him what you have in mind and he'll make it appear before you. he makes the impossible, possible.

MY SISTER- who from the start has helped me with encoding stuff. it's really amazing to know that at such a young age of 15 she already knows almost everything about html and dhtml....whew! thank god you're my sister. =)

TOM-. lastly but definitely not the least, the muy guapito brother of carmensita who has the added creativity i needed to be able to come up with this amazing template. what would i do without you gotche? lemme know when you're gonna be here again so i could treat you. 8P

Gracias to these guys who did a magnificent artwork, thank you thank you thank you! please send them your congratulations for they might be of help to you someday. =)

Much love,

Sunday, February 6

site is under construction.
Much love,

Thursday, February 3


i know i should've written this ages ago but it's only now that i really felt the need to shout it out.
i was dreaming, a literally HUGE wave hit manila, followed by the deafening screams of the manileños. i was running together with thousands of panic-striken unfamiliar faces, all of us searching for the safest place we could grasp and then suddenly everything went void.....i woke up

yes, i thought it was just a dream but it's not in Phuket,Thailand..it's a devastating reality. a reality that is undeniable. a reality that will haunt us. a reality which concerns us all. many have lost their lives, many have lost their 'everything' many have been a victim, including you and i because once again precious lives of our brothers and sisters were taken. the least we can do now is to shout an ear-splitting HELP! for the survivors. the least we can do now is to hope for this catastrophe to not happen again.

photos courtesy of Andy Maluche

it won't do us any good to weep, instead, lets just lend a helping hand and give more importance to LIFE because one can never tell when he or she will die.

here are some places where you can make donations for the tsunami victims:

Much love,