Sunday, May 24

Phuket, Thailand 2009 | Sawasdee

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We were so paranoid when we reached Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok thus the mask. Western people were everywhere. I didn't even notice a thermal scanner. Better be called paranoid than be sorry later right?

Note: Guess what? Days after reaching Bangkok. Two thais came in from Mexico carrying the H1N1 virus.

While waiting for our next flight to Phuket, i found a gangsta, all alone.--NOT

Well the person in the hood is not really a gangsta. She's actually a western girl with a guy sleeping in her lap. I know right?! They're so sweet. No comment about the guy though. But the girl is definitely pretty. Too bad you can't see the face behind the hood.

After a boring 3-hour flight to Bangkok and a 1:30 minute flight to Phuket, we're finally in the famous Patong Beach!

I love this beach as much as i love Boracay. Their nightlife here is hotter and heavier here though. Kid's shouldn't be allowed to go out at night. :D

Phuket's main attraction: ladyboys. LOL. I think they're hot and super funny. Some of them looked too good to be true. I don't really know why some white men are easily fooled.

Ever wonder how it feels to be a buddhist?

I got to experience how to pray like a buddhist. I took three incense sticks, one for the buddha, one for the Sangha (the buddhist community), one for the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha) a flower which symbolizes the purity of Buddhist teachings, and a small candle which is for comprehension enlightenment. I lit the incense sticks and knelt three times before putting the incense sticks in front of Buddha.

After praying and putting the incense sticks in front of the Buddha, i then covered Buddha with a thin golden leaf to honour Buddha's teachings.

The prayer ceremony ended well. There was actually this part wherein you would know your future by moving a box of sticks up and down so a single stick could fall. Each stick is numbered and each number corresponds to a certain future. Luckily for me, i got the number 16, my future was written in pure thai so i had our tour guide translate it for me. He said that my future is indeed all about luck. And no matter where i go and what i do, i will always be lucky. I hope so. Even though i am not really a firm believer of luck.

After seeing the famous Bangla road and after being a buddhist for one day, a few more days were spent just lounging around and drinking in our resort talking about politics and Hitler, tattoos, religion, devastating love, filipino foods vs. thai foods, homesickness, and life in general.

I can't say i'm totally happy without him. But i'm happy. At least.

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