Thursday, March 5

What Could Have Been

Mood: Contemplative
Music: On Call, Use Somebody, Sex on Fire, Molly's Chambers--Kings of Leon; Soulmate--Natasha Bedingfield; Shadows of the City--Marcus Foster

Are you still worth the fight? I'm not yet completely over you. Days and counting. I don't know what to feel. It pains me a lot that you never did anything, that you never fought for whatever feelings you have for me.

I am moving on without you.

I do not care if this feeling may take a year to completely die down. I am moving on without you.

You should too.

Probably, we will meet again someday when we're both successful.

Probably we will both be ready.

I know i shouldn't be saying this, but i will be so proud of you during our graduation. I know you've worked very hard and i know you deserve each and every kind of recognition you will receive.