Friday, February 29

Get up, Stand up Philippines!

Mood: Thinking hard about the lifelines and crimes of every politician.
Music:Being in love- Tori Amos; Africa Unite, Is This Love, Three Little Birds- Bob Marley

While the interfaith rally in Makati might be peaking any moment now, Pres. Gloria must be in her decent designer pajamas, smoking her lungs out, and considering suicide. I mean, Who can blame her for considering that? She's stuck in a 'glorious' moment and unless she adapts the ways of Vladimir Putin, there's no way out for her. Let me just stress though that Pres. Gloria can never be a Putin because Putin never risked the efficiency and security of Russia against his own political survival.

Sadly, our country has a long way to go if every leader's effort in political survival has taken precedence over efficient administration. No matter, here's a song that best fits our situation which never really changes.


Children begging at the streets at night
Knocking on cars till the morning light
People standing in line for a kilo of rice
Welcome to the dark ages, the era of lies

Dreams of progress, of visions gone mad
Mendiola’s still drenched with innocent blood
Demolition men rumbles through smokey mountain homes
Darkness indeed, justice dressed in gloom

But I’ll go not gently into the night
Rage against the dying of the light
Sing a song about this terrible sight
Rage until the lightning strikes
Go not gently, go not gently, go not gently
And rage with me

And the names and faces of the tyrants change
But poverty, pain and murder remains
And the voices of truth are locked up in chains
Darkness remains, freedom in flames

A TV reporter, who i intently studied as he shoot his spiel before the camera, just lost his mobile phone while covering the highly attended Mass for Lozada in Tondo. The funny thing is, he looked really gay in person but looked really manly on TV when he was complaining about his snatched phone. Oh well, i guess it's none of my business but i really think he's gay. Wala lang. Just wondering about it.

Tuesday, February 19

Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

mood: steady lang
music: Spider Pig- Hans Zimmer, Simpson Movie; No Woman No Cry- Bob Marley; Boy You knock me out- Tatyana

This video has more than 3million hits in youtube and was featured by Yahoo! because of its message regarding global warming. Personally, I am amused with the brilliance of this geek, and it is for this reason that i'm letting his lack of a voice be heard all over the world.