Sunday, April 26

It's Been A While

Mood: Thinking. Hates having period cramps.
Song: None playing.

Finally had the courage to get up and embrace the sun once more. It's been a while. Life will not always wait for me.

Albums coming soon: Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, Spiral Dinner, Boracay 2009

Sorry for the delay.

IMG SRC: Knight Cat

Saturday, April 4

Merciless Cupid

Mood: I want peace of mind. Please give it to me. Please.
Song: None playing

When will i survive you? When i know that each waking day of my life, i will miss you.

Nique gave me this picture. She wanted me to move on. I didn't. I've got nothing to lose. You're already gone. It was probably both our fault. Maybe i came too strong, and you came too weak. Or probably it was my fault because i was willing to embrace my vulnerability and you didn't.