Saturday, November 27

tHe tHinGs I wAnT UnDeR My ChRisTmAs TrEe


i've been looking for this album for like a year already and it seemed like it's nowhere to be found or i guess i could only buy this somewhere in united states. every song in this album is classic, from the message of love to the anthem of revolution but more than that, the album is a political and cultural nexus, drawing inspiration from the Third World and then giving voice to it the world over. this album was even named as the album of the century by Time magazine, so please people i'm begging you to give me this, i will really love you forever if you gve me this.


i'm a bit technosexual; i like everything to be just a finger-reach like music. ipod makes music really handy so why not bless me with one? =)


my fave line of make-up, bobbi brown. i'm recently eyeing on this deep lip and eye palette. it's a tray of four lip shades slides out to reveal three eye shadow shades below. isn't it nice? i like it because the colors are natural and because the color suits my asian skin. i was supposed to buy this last week but then woudldn't it be nice if someone just gve it to you?


and finally, the new fragrance of Christian Dior, Pure Poison. sounds really seductive huh? ehe just the smell of this makes me feel beautiful. I don't want to buy this because i'm waitin for you to give this to me. =)

Now you know my christmas wishlist, please be my angel and give these to me..please? ehe =)

Much love,

4 HoUrS of wAiTiNg

i was so bushed. i was lining up at ust yesterday to get my test permit for my ustet tomorrow. God, the line was verrrrrrrry long. i got there at around 3pm and i got done at 7pm. Yes yes, i stood there for 4 hours with my stomach complaining, and with my feet wanting to give up on me, blech! i got so tired that I soon as I got home i went straight to my bed without feeding the snake on my stomach. that experience oh god, was just the first step towards college, just the stepping stone and there i was ranting about how long the line was when i'm certain that there would be more endless lines in college....damn

Much love,

Sunday, November 21

gEt aWay fRom mE pAsta!

i went to therese's condo last friday together with two of my friends namely kat and bacon we're supposed to hit some booze and have fun but then i got to be home early so i didn't have the luxury to do that. Anyway, therese prepared a yummy carbonara and i was really shocked when bacon said that she doesn't eat any kinds of pasta. i never thought that there is a single soul who doesn't dig pasta. i mean hello?! we're talking about pasta here. i'm certain that even dieteers (like me ahem) couldn't resist to chow even just a bit of it when offered. another thing's that bacon is a food lover, give her any food and she'll right away accept it without being pa-shy but in this case she acted really weird, she surprised us. haha i won't forget the look on her face when we're forcing her to eat some hahaha uber nakakatawa! bacon's really funny and is always full of surprises. love ya bacon! =)

Much love,

i LoVe yOu GrAmpS

yesterday was my lolo’s 40 days of death celebration. i woke up feeling that the day was going to be a same old, same old day. but i was wrong;it was only yesterday that i’ve realized he’s gone, physically gone. In the beginning, accepting the death of my lolo was hard. i ran, walked, and played thinking that he’s still alive and ready to soothe me whenever i feel glum. well this figment of imagination ended yesterday when i saw my gramp’s portrait. the portrait which made me realize the one thing i’ve dreaded…REALITY.

I fought hard to overlook reality but i’ve lost the fight. reality is everywhere, reality is now, i should face the sad truth that gramp’s gone. the tears that had long been kept in my soul finally found their way and flowed. it took me a while to pacify and regain my composure and when i got hold of myself again, a light feeling swallowed my heart, the feeling of acceptance. i guess the bucket of tears set me free towards acceptance, accepting that my lolo will forever be physically absent and accepting that i must go on with my life even without him smiling at me. I found out that acceptance’s not really hard because gramp’s not completely gone; he’s just physically gone and that’s for sure. i may not see him but i can feel him lingering in my heart.

Much love,

Monday, November 15

WhEn I AtTaCk

I asked some people to answer this question, see their responses and reactions below oh wait before you read this promise me you won’t laugh...promise?

Question: Yung tao ba sa loob ng mascot ni jollibee ngumingiti rin pag may batang nagpapalitrato sa kanya?

Pepoy: If he got get carried away thinking that he’s jollibee. And if he’s stupid

Carms: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Janet: Ako lang naman ang best keanu reeves fan…..(huh? Nagkakaintindihan ba tayo?)

Reg: no because he's ugly (huh? connect?)

marika: hahahahaha oo nga noh

bea: next question pls (followed by a laugh)

wong: hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (her asthmatic laugh's never new to me.)

that's all folks! =)

Much love,

Friday, November 12

ToO MuCh KinDneSS iS dEaDly

Too bad for my crewmate, Aphro Her maid left because of countless reasons. One of which is the Amo-Katulong relationship. Aphro had been so kind to her maid. She treated her maid as a chum. If I were a katulong I would definitely be grateful for my amo’s so nice. But the anticipated thing happened. Aphro’s maid went beyond the limit. She abused the friendship Aphro gave to her. She even had the Guts, the insides, to yell at my crewmate. Good thing then that my bud came to her right senses and drove her maid out of her place. Aphro doesn’t really have to hire a new maid since she can still very well handle all the workload. Besides, why hire a new dumbass maid when I’m here right? I’m just a buzz away; I’m available 24/7 to help my crew mate. A thousand claps for me haha =)

Much love,


It was kill’s birthday last Tuesday and I almost forgot it, good thing he reminded me the day before his special day. Here goes our text convo…

Kill: Hey boo what’s up?

Me: Just reading a book. How’s it goin?

Kill: I’m just drinkin with my friend. =)

Me: Ok keep safe.

Kill: you too. I’m gonna be 29 tomorrow.

Me: yeah I know…

And that was I pretending that I knew his birthday all along when in fact I did forget his day, it didn’t really cross my mind, well, not until we had that convo. I’m sure no one wants to be my friend anymore after reading this. (Hoping my assumption wouldn’t be true. Haha) I don’t really suck in remembering birthdays; in fact I’m good at it (stop saying yeah right, I can hear you) I do remember birthdays when I want to remember it. Otherwise, I’ll just trash your day. That’s not being mean that’s just being me, being myself. And regarding Kill’s day, I do know his birthday; it just slipped my mind. I’m sure everyone is guilty of that crime, of forgetting birthdays. Am I right or am I right? =)

Much love,

Monday, November 8


i'Ve gOt a NeW Boy!

Meet tinytop, my new huney. Auntie Jane gave this to me as an advance birthday gift. You couldn't really imagine the look on my face when i got tinytop. Wohoooo! hurraaay! What more could i ask for I wanted to just kiss and kiss and kiss auntie jane she's been the coolest ninang ever! I gave him the name tinytop since he's so small and really thin compared to other laptops..(am i not lucky to have such a cool gadget?*laughs)OOOPPPs....i can foresee now that the gang would be so jealous of tinytop since i would be spending more time with him....sorry guys but i got a new beau now.=)

Much love,

Sunday, November 7


I'm certain that everyone has his/her favorite mall. Well i knew i gotta share this,
because of these reasons:

1. Atc is just minutes away from my home, very near and very accesible i could go there anytime i feel like going.

2. Atc is the right place for me since i hate crowded places and crowded means to have a hard time moving, and to have a hard time breathing.

3. Atc has the perfect ambiance. The atmosphere is nice espcially when you're in the mood for chilling or just relaxing with your crew in san francisco coffee or in the newest coffee bean.

4. You get to have a perfect time reading a book, walk in a cobbled path or simply stare at the carpet of stars in the open area.

5. Atc is the right place when you want to catch new flicks. Their cinemas are clean and take it from me,they got a good sound system.

6. Wanna have a cool nightlife? go to atc, they might have a limited bars but then the people in atc are one of a kind find. Wanna know what bars are those? why don't you check it out yourself

7. Cibo, Outback, California Pizza Kitchen,Dad's, Italiannis, Via mare.....need i say more?,

8. This is the place where you will really shop till you drop!

9. Who wouldn't love the quaint spanish architecture,with villa-like facades, cobbled walks,fountains,lush greenery surroundings and the peacefulness of Atc?

10. What i really like in this mall is that the freedom, tranquility, and happiness you feel when you sit and just talk with your buds in Corte de las Palmas without worrying if you're already being loud. You got your own business when you're in Atc and people won't feed on you like hungry gossip mongers.

*Ayala should pay me for this advertisement i've done..=)

Much love,

Tuesday, November 2

hULiNg HiRit

A glimpse on some of the things i've been doing before school starts..our tagaytay pictures =)
huling hirit!! Posted by Hello

Much love,