Monday, July 14

I go down deep...

Mood: Drinking Jinro--the best Soju in the world!
Music: Kape-Jeepney joyride

I am so busy busy busy busy busy. Why? I don't know. To forget something? Maybe. To forget someone? Maybe. One thing is for sure, i am having the greatest time of my life with my family. No more parties for now, i am done doing things you do not want to know. Doing those things, will only cause you trouble and brain cells deterioration. If there's anything i have gained from being my past self, it's experiences. Experiences that are now telling me to stop being so adventurous and to start taking care of myself for real.

Forgive my crapiness, i am not even sure if i am making sense here. Maybe Solju is getting the better side of me. My dad bought me lotsa Jinro bottles to keep me from going out. My dad's the coolest he knows my needs. --Lol.

I have had two bottles so far and i'm still up blogging. I'm blogging because i know i have readers and friends who want to know what's been happening to me. Well, FYI, my birthday passed without a greeting from you! Kidding, i hate birthdays. It reminds of the coming of age. I do not like it. The only thing i love about birthdays is food because i love to eat.--lol. Anyway, am i still making sense? i'm writing under the influence of Jinro, two bottles of Jinro to be exact so please excuse the drama.

I will be going to sleep soon. I hate the fact that i will see you tomorrow. I know it will bring back a lot of memories. Memories i want to be erased. Memories that should have been with another person instead. You do not deserve me or even my attention. So please stop trying to make it work because i do not think it will still work. It was good while it lasted. You know that, i said that to you a long time ago so please stop. You are not my weakness anymore, just want you to know that. I do not need you. I have been known as someone who is a fighter of her beliefs so the last thing i need is a coward. The last thing i need is you.

I know i will erase this post tomorrow when i am sober again. In the mean time, i hope you get to read this.